• Residential Loans

    Your mortgage is most likely one of the biggest expenses you’ll experience in life.

    They can also be tricky to navigate with big banks constantly changing their offers and their processes.

    The benefit of having Liveable Loans on your side is that we don’t represent a bank – we represent you! We use all the specialist knowledge and experience that we have to get you the best possible loan to help you achieve your goals.

    Regardless of your life stage we can help make your life more liveable:

    • Want to save money each week and already own a home? No cost hassle free refinancing
    • Migrating to Australia, waiting for PR to come through, or trying to purchase from overseas? We can help you understand and navigate the whole process.
    • Building an investment portfolio. Let us help you maximise your Return on Investment.
    • Buying your first home? Let us help you start well.
    • Do you live rurally? Distance isn’t a factor.
    • Approaching a key life stage such as marriage, starting a family or retirement? A review of your current loan could make for a stronger, smoother transition.
    • Going through a tough stage such as the loss of a loved one or divorce? We can help provide clarity (and support) in the face complexity.
    • Are you a healthcare professional? We can give you access to special packages and offers.

    Liveable Loans are a Melbourne based mortgage broker providing finance solutions for anyone wanting to purchase throughout Australia. We make time to listen, to understand your personal goals and tailor a solution to help you get to where you want to be. We can help:

    • Lower interest rates
    • Reduce bank fees
    • Consolidate Debt
    • Access a larger range of lenders

    With Liveable Loans you get direct and friendly access to support for the life of your loan. We’d love to help. Contact us to say “Hi”.


  • Our Approach

    • Friendship & Trust
    • Access to More
    • Cost
    • Liveability
    • Friendship & Trust

      Good friends are there to lend a helping hand. Help you succeed. Give you good advice. And journey with you through life. We view our purpose to be aligned with achieving those things.

      Finance is filled with to many impersonal suits out to make a buck. Liveable Loans was set up because this culture does not provide the best results for the customer.

      At Liveable Loans we are different. We are not after a once off transaction with a stranger. We’d like to be friends for the long haul.

    • Access to More

      Banks and some other mortgage brokers have limited access to loans they can offer you. We have access to all banks and their products. As well as access to special deals and offers.

      We also give you access to more knowledge. By drawing on our experience we can offer advice and perspective to help you make an informed decision.

      Access to more options, and more experience, at better prices, with less time researching on your part.

    • Cost

      Our service to you is free. We add no margins to our loans. You pay no consultation fee. We have no preferred banks. Our only incentive is to help you succeed in life. If you do, then so do we. We do this by helping you get the best value package.

    • Liveability

      We aim to make your life more liveable. We do this by saving you time, saving you money, and tailoring solutions to your unique lifestyle and life-stage.

      We are focused on achieving solutions that enhance your life in the short term, and align with your goals in the long term.

  • Testimonies

    • Liveable Loans is a very passionate mortgage broker, dependable, reliable, timely communicated and always puts customer needs first. Truly worry free professional service provided. Highly recommended.

      Sean Meng
    • I found Jonathan to be most professional in my dealings with him. He was willing to go over and above and presented my boyfriend and I with numerous scenarios which were tailored to our needs. He made complex matters seem simple and definitely made the whole mortgage process a lot more “liveable”.

      Leanne Lee
    • Jon at Liveable Loans was polite and on time helping me navigate through a tough situation and arrive on top. I would recommend him to anyone.

      Tony Salomone
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